things running through my mind.
2003-09-19 03:59:06 (UTC)

.. the other day at the soccer..

.. the other day at the soccer ame wen i got there with
like 30 minutes left ryand an ricky were like aww.... camry
u came for mikey... i was like uh no, but i decided not to
say nething cuz im not mean. Then i talekd to ryan for bit
about the whoel dinner thing. i kinda wanted ryan to go
wiht me cuz mike i dunno hes just not my type i think hes
too quiet and i like loud guys hes not tall and dark adn
muslces.... i dunno!? soo we were talkin about his chances
with me i was lik i guess u could say 1 out of 50 ha..
arent i nice then i touched ryans nipple and ricky got
jealous taht was kinda funny. i liked talking anf hangin
wiht them. I have been talkin to ryan online lately hes
pretty cool cuz i mean i never really talked to him before.
Well i did but i never really knew him. we kinda think the
same i like that. Also i think im gunna just give up on joe
seriously he seems not to care about me or even wants to
tlak to me ne more why do i both!? he always ses that hes
doin hw online and thats why he cant talk well bull shit i
say. I wanna go to a kimball somethign just to see him
again cuz i think if i talk and hang out with him i can get
him t like me again, i really want him though cuz i dont
like ne one at our school just because and.. then hes hott
and not at our school and i dontkno that many ppl like that
out of our school. But theres no point. Martha can drive
and i keep fogettin to call her so we can hang out. Next
tuesday is my bday and i bet know one will kno of say happy
birthday to me its gunna b a stupid sucky birthday i say. i
hope sum1 surprises me and decorates my locker... that
would be soo cool.........( but i cant dream) ya school is
gettin kinda stupid... i have nuthin at all to to look
forward to ..?!

well its late i ahd a game in canada today and we lost 1-0
it was a stupid unfair game and we got all the calls
against us... and sleep time!