2003-09-18 03:45:50 (UTC)


i had a thought.
not a good thought.
but i have been bugged all night by how uncomfortable i am
with myself right now. i dont like this feeling and i get
it sometimes... like lately. last couple weeks. I usually
am just not really HAPPY with how I am but at least at the
point where I'm confident and say "I like this about me, I
don't like this about me, that's me, who really cares."
And right now I dont feel like that, and I dont like it.

so thats where this came from i guess...
i remember one time, shit probably a year ago.
and we were at school or something, watching people walk
talking about how different our tastes are in girls.
and this girl, i dont remember how she looked but i said
something like "i dont like girls who try too hard."

and he kinda laughs like he thinks hes so funny and
says. "maybe because you don't try at all."

Just one of the.. hurtful things that stick in my memory.