Montana bound
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2003-09-18 01:56:31 (UTC)

We love our families

Well, tonight has gone straight down the shitter. Jessica
and I were supposed to get together and watch a movie
tonight. First, her car broke down when she got to her
grandparents' house, so I went out there with Andy and my
brother to see if there was anything we could do. No luck.
Then the maccaroni and cheese we made had some little
things in it (I don't know if they were bugs or what,
Jessica called them something but I don't remember the
name), some kind of bug I think, so we had to throw out the
first batch. Yeah, I know, that's nothing major, but I
really don't give a shit.

The capper came when her parents called and told her she was
in trouble and had to go home. When she asked why, they
said it was because she hadn't given her sister a ride home
from school that day. The problem being she couldn't have
done so anyway, because she was already giving rides home to
three people besides herself, and there was only room for
one more person in the car. Lo and behold, her little
sister had willingly missed her bus and told her friend that
they could catch a ride with Jessica. Jessica wasn't
informed of this until it was too late and she already had
too many people in the car. Her little sister then
suggested she and her friend could ride her friend's bus,
and it seemed to all work out. As near as I can tell,
unless Kirsten spilled the beans about the few times Jessica
had driven with more than four other people in her car, she
shouldn't be in trouble. Of course, that's not how Todd
works, apparently. I'm beginning to think George Carlin was
right about guys named "Todd."

Anyway, Jessica went outside to see if her car would start.
It did, and at first we thought that was good. Then we
heard a clicking, and after walking around the car I noticed
it was coming from near the right front fender. I have no
idea what might be wrong with it, though. Anyway, she
started to back her car out of her grandparents' driveway,
and as soon as it got onto the street, it started to die
again, so she pulled it up to the curb and turned it off.
We have no idea what might be wrong with it, and she has
absolutely no money to pay for repairs. Her next paycheck
was barely going to cover the cost of registration and her
new windshield as it is, along with the $90 going to her Mom.

Not that it really matters, but I don't think we're going to
Homecoming anymore, either. The fact is we're both totally
broke, and the dance is next weekend. Not enough time for
either of us to get adequate money. That's alright, though,
she's got more than enough to worry about right now without
me harping on her over something as stupid and
inconsequential as a high school dance.

I have no idea what's going to happen. We're hoping to get
together soon and take another shot at watching the movie.
I still need to find a job, and I'm beginning to think that
once I do, the things I want to buy will have to wait.
Jessica's life is in the shit right now, about as far as any
life can possibly get without throwing
homeless/penniless/etc. into the mix. It's tearing me up
seeing her unhappy all the time; I'm nearly certain that if
I come into a position from which I'll be able to help her
in the near future, I'll do so.

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