Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-09-18 00:16:38 (UTC)

Part Two - Let Me Go Home, I Wanna Go Home....

We left the chip shop and sat watching an old pervert
follow a girl in white trousers for a bit, until she
turned round at a pillar box. We went for a milkshake at
McDonald's, called in for some coffee, and got a few CDs
including Harry Smith 1,2 & 3 from the library - that was
another highlight, though there's neither Sonny nor
Brownie on it.

So we walked home through the park, bloody nice day, all
got a bit much but it was nice to arrive home and open the
door to sit a house that smelled of raw sewage.
It seems our landlady thought the toilet blockage might
just be that we hadn't flushed it, so she did, and it
overflowed everywhere, dripping into my room like it does,
and making the stairs and upstairs corridor the rankest
things in the world.

The smell was so foul we spent 2 and a half hours sat in
the garden letting it become bearable. The plumber never
turned up, but by 9ish the house was back to normal. Thus
the highlight of my day, fully was the can of Israeli
juice I enjoyed along with Teachers.

It was so sublime. I could barely cope....

And now is now. Good.
WILT? Nick Cave - Under Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow