Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-09-18 00:09:16 (UTC)

Dum De Dum De Dum Dum Judy And The Dream Of Horses

Really really really bad day today, but it did pick up
toward the end, I suppose. It started alright, though I
couldn't get the stylus out of my record player, so we
ended up disconnecting the whole thing - it looks SO
destroyed now. Damn shame, so I was upset about that.
Understandably so.

We needed to get out of the house because the plumber was
coming to unblock the turd out of the upstairs toilet that
had been there a week and was beginning to flavour the
house unfavourably yesterday, and neither of us wanted to
face any plumber-wrath that early in the day.

Anyway, so we went into Norwich - we'd bagged up the
rubbish a bit too, because the landlady complained that
there were some leaves that needed disposing of yesterday.
So we were gone. In Norwich I found Automatic for the
People on 12" for £5 but didn't buy it - another triumph
for my willpower, as was resisting Some Kind Of Wonderful.
That was tough, though, man. Anyway, I didn't buy anything
until we'd got to Richer Sounds, where we were going to
ask for new stylii

However, it was Wednesday, so Richer Sounds was shut, and
we ended up going to a smaller shop about 20 minutes
later. It was bloody hot, and I was sweating like a pig in
a hot thing. Of course, to replace a stylus is, like, £25
and I can't afford that at the moment, so I put mine away
and went to get chips. This was a good thing, because the
guy in the chip shop not only loved my Donington 1992
shirt, but was worried by the hurricane on the news, and
we got a nice little chat in. I like that, and respect to
him being a bright spot in a dank day. More later.