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2003-09-17 13:19:54 (UTC)

After a Long Absence

I am also starting a LJ, just for the hell of it. Here is
the link

Well, I am not married yet. Things were pushed back the
day I left for Vegas. We had a fight. It got out of
control. He felt so horrible and said he didnt want to get
married because I deserved so much better. So a week after
I came home, we finally talked. We are eloping as soon as
I have time which, between work and school, Im not sure
when that will be. We are both married in our hearts and
he calls me his wife. Now we just need a damn certificate
to show it. We are getting out tattoo rings soon enough.
Either this friday or maybe next. I am also getting
something else pierced. Im torn between a second tongue
ring on the tip, a vertical hood piercing and nipple
piercings. I dont know if anyone understand how much I
love Steve. He makes me happier then I have ever been in
my life. Just gazing over his sleeping body in the morning
makes me melt and I get as giddy as a school girl. He is
my everything. I believe we are soul mates. *happy sigh*
Yeah yeah, Ill stop with the gushy crap

My vacation was mostly wonderful. I love Vegas so much!
And Disneyland is still my fave place, even if they took
down the, Happiest Place On Earth Sigh. California
Adventure rocked. The rollercoaster there is the best
roller coaster I have been on. We must have ridden it 8
times. The Main Street Elewctrical Parade was brought back
after its long absence!! I saw it in California adventure.

There were some issues in California involving my brother
that I will bring up later....

I started school at Metro and take 5 classes. So basically
now I work, go to school and fuck..

I am upset over this whole Israel thing. How stupid can
they be? Oh, lets go kill the one person who tried for
peace.. Yes, really smart... Its partly our fault that the
strive for peace failed. We backed down on our end and all
hell broke loose. The fighting will never stop. Its been
going on for over 2000 years. I just wish the United
States would leave the middle east alone. Maybe if we kept
trying to be master of the world, people wouldnt fly
planes into our buildings...

Iraq- Ugh is the best comment I can say. Look at the mess
our idiot president caused. No exit plan and now Americans
die daily because he didnt think things through. The best
that can come from this is him losing the elction. When he
loses Ill dance naked in the streets. Oh, and because of
this mess, Bush has gone crawling to the UN, begging for
help. After he said, fuck you, Im above you. I hope they
dont help. I agree with France and yet we call them
pussies because they arent as blood thirsty as us and
actually think clearly. Oh, and now Bush was begging us
citizens for like 85 billion dollars or whatever that
amount was. All the money that has been spent on
this "war" is madness. Our schools have no money and
basically suck but he cares more about looking like a big
bad american and covering up the fact that he cant find
Bin ladin by going after the man who tried to kill his
dad. Its all bullshit and makes me sick I can barely write
about it.

Do your part for our country and vote AGAINST Bush next

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