Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2003-09-17 07:08:55 (UTC)

weird goings-ons

I waltz into the computer building, getting ready to sign
on to a computer and send off an email to a lady, telling
her that I wuz gonna decline the work study position I was
given, when I heard in the distance some laughter, and
looked up and noticed that a guy was looking up at a girl
walking down an incline, with her back towards me, when I
noticed that her arms were bent in front of her, with her
elbows sticking out at chest level, and I wondered, What
kind of gesture is that? My mind turned for a few seconds,
when I finally realized that she was flashing him... At
that moment, I was like, "What the.....???" Goes to show
you, at my age, probably 14 to 16 years their senior, kids
will have fun.....I eyes

On my way back home, I remembered to pick up some CD's
before I left the house, and pulled out the only CD I had
that had Johnny Cash on it....U2's
listened to the whole album on the way home.