Dave's Mental Meanderings
2003-09-17 04:17:00 (UTC)

Poem - "Once in a While"

This twisted town of teary-eyed tales
Seems to dilate the days,
And if I stayed for twenty more years
I'd never get used to the haze.
It even hangs heavy down by the levee
And blocks my view of the stars,
Behind the last few acres in town
As of yet unsullied by scars.
Mechanical hands will soon have their way
And put up a strip mall here,
Destroying my holy midnight escape,
This field I hold so dear.
I silently stroll by myself back inside
And open a bottle of red,
The night is so right and besides the white
Never quite clears up my head.
With a paper cup and a smoke in my hand
And some tunes to help me remember,
I think of the road that lies between me
And the cold dark month of December.
Things look clearer when I look in my mirror
Where my rock 'n' roll dreams come true,
I see myself and my lonely bookshelf
And I wish that I also saw you.
I sit down on my bed and pour some more wine
And supress a bittersweet laugh,
Like a perfect picture of the finest of nights
Cut down the middle in half.
This won't be a night of magic and bliss
But neither of sorrow and tears,
I've got what it takes to smile on my own
Though young may I be in my years.
All was roses when I held onto my guns
But a thorn is the last thing I need,
And you make it look so damn easy to smile
I can't help but follow your lead.
I won't be your prince or your brave noble knight
For I've never been good with a horse,
But I will be your friend and a little bit more
And let everything take its own course.
So as I linger and flick with my finger
The cigarette butt from my hand,
Once in a while I'll think of your smile,
A surprise that could never be planned.
I've never said this, and now that I try,
The rhymes could go on and on,
So I'll say it again in plain English this time,
I miss you a lot when I'm gone.