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2003-09-16 20:29:18 (UTC)

Seinfeld episode...

i.e. Bizzaro world episode.

Sunday, TDC went to Denny's after bowling. We bumped into 3
of Chris's friends. Lisa, Bobo, and I forget the last guys
name. But they are so like us. Lisa is the bizzaro Chris,
the guy whose name escapes me is Tim. Chris even says he's
much like him. Bobo is the bizzaro me. He even says Merry
Christmas. Chris says that's his thing. When he said that
Tim made this face, and said I should go after him. That
it's like we're meant to be, no one says merry christmas
besides me. And Chris knows 2 people that say it. It's too

Well that was swell. I just had to mention it.