Nick's Journal
2003-09-16 15:41:03 (UTC)

Apparently I have signs all over me

am i conveying messages i shouldn't be as i mosey around
campus? aside from the fact that i'm moseying (which no
body does anymore), i don't think i'm attracting attention
to myself. yet somehow i must have some very conspicuous
signs so inconspicuously place on my body that they are
only visible to the jerk-offs accosting me.
like what part of my outfit yells "soul for sale"? hmmm,
none that i know of, yet all the jesus-nazis come down on
my like bees on honey. "hey would you like to join the
crusade for christ?", no! crusade your ass out of my way!
and i must have a huge sign for adelphia hovering right
above my ass, saying "rape me here". cos that's what
they're doing!
this internet "connection" is ludicrous. not only am i
hardly ever able to do what i need to online (like
download gigs and gigs of porn), but even when i am on i
can't even creep my dead ass to this webpage to fucking
update my journal!
and what sign do i have plastered to me that says, "i want
to engage in a god damn 25 min. conversation about
nothing". i don't see any! damn yo, if i smile at you
it's probably just cos i'm thinking about a guinea pig
jumping through a fucking hoop, it is not an invitation to
bombard me with conversation.
seriously, what part of me screams at the pro-life
advocates on campus, "please inundate me with your
didactic rhetoric". i understand your plight and all, but
sweet jesus if i'm gonna change my fucking mind after you
stuff a pamplet in my hand with pictures of aborted
fetuses. damn! if i want to see that sorta sick shit,
i'll pay for it on or god knows what. ugh!
i am feeling ill anyhow, it's not like i need anything to
induce vomiting. fuck you!
what i should do is clad myself in signs like,
"don't fucking sit next to me cos i have gas, and i will
"no thank you i would not like to listen to your bullshit,
here's 35 cents, call someone who cares".