Rev. Twitch

Rev. Twitch
2003-09-16 12:35:55 (UTC)

Class Warfare

Cost of living rises, salaries and benefits drop.
Unemployment on the rise but they say it's getting
"better"; only because people have given up and
stopped trying so they no longer count. I can
understand that feeling; to no longer count so you stop
Why should someone with a full time career have to
think about second jobs? They say "it's never enough",
"no matter how much you make you'll always want
more". But I think that principle lies in greed, I'm not a
greedy person. I just want to feel like I'm not still
drowning. Life is rough and expensive and doesn't
seem to give you a chance but then the ones with the
money, the ones who've invested time and energy to
the beast of capitalism are left floundering in self doubt
and self hatred and fear and suspicion. They feel they
deserve to treat others poorly for they themselves feel
they've been treated that way but this only serves to
perpetuation the vicious cycle they've given themselves
over to. Most people are going to want the same
things; a safe home, a sense of security, and some
level of comfort. But there's just too damn many of us!
Too many pots coloring kettles until we don't know
which color befits us or them...