Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
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2003-09-16 03:15:44 (UTC)

Giddy Up...

Today i had my first horseback ridin was soo
awesome i had such a great time..onlee problem was goin
there i almost like died cuz this pond overflowed into the
road and we decided to drive through it and like the
wheels were shakin and ya i learned bout my
posture and how to groom and tack and put on my saddle and she said that i did really well for never ridin
english b4..which i took as a complement..but she also
kinda hinted that i needed to loose some weight..not like
i never try..cuz its harder to ride and im
gonna but i have been so its ok...when i got bak i went to
get the hours for my new job..i work 10 hours a week which
isnt bad and it gets me out of my room..thank
after that me kelly and christine went to dinner...and
pasta boy was all like how he just figured out were was quite funny..i made friends wit the chef
haha but hes still in cookin school...hes
after that we went and got coffe frap thingys and i dunno
but kelly got really pissed at me and christine cuz we
wouldnt tellher what we were gettin..and were all like
were twins and stuff it was funny but she didnt find it
amusin cuz she like is convinced christine is her best we didnt wanna sit wit her when she was mad..we
went to christines room and looked at the halloween
decorations she bought and we just talked..i like gettin
to kno ppl..its good i learned how she had a problem like
me...that incident wit amanda it was kewl..and we
came bak down and kellys all like u hate me and we were
like no and shes like whatever so we watched
7th heaven and i braided christines hair..haha cindy..and
then we watched paradise hotel cuz chrisitne loves that
show..then christine looked at my yearbook and we started
watchin road rules..the girls meg and jenn next door came
over to watch it..the christine left and jen and meg left
and now its just me and kelly..blah..nite

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