2003-09-15 22:43:16 (UTC)

friends!! and shrimp

yay!! i made it through a long day. it was actually not
bad. i wish it wasnt so hot though. i cant wait for cold
weather, im so ready.

everyone liked my hair=) not that i care!! i especially
dont care that juan said it was hot. lol. he asked me to
dye his hair for him. blue. yeah.

haha i love friends. i havent watched it in awhile.. i
used to every night. after lexmark. yay they just
mentioned Rent! the 1996 tony award winner.

blah de blah.. i hung up MOST of my clothes.. yay..

haha Johnathon just IMed me from FTJ. richards little
brother. he didnt recognize me from that picture.. this is
so funny. but its kinda sad cus we were talking about
richard and how much he's changed... he cut all his hair
off. like short. that's really sad.

lol. i know myself and i know im just trying to occupy my
thoughts to avoid thinking about sadder things, but. his
eyes. he caught my eye several times today and they are so
crazy, light greyish hazel..

matt is more obsessed over this kid than me. he calls me
up on his break at work. "Did you see him today" well
yeah he sits next to me in class. "did you talk to him"
well yeah he sits next to me in class. the other day hes
all "does he have nice hair" yes nice and long and black
and spikey. "does he have BIG eyes" yes and they're crazy
beautiful. "does he work out" yes but not too much. lol
i felt bad because he asked me all this stuf and i was like
im not guna lie to you. hes beautiful. lol.

Ashleighs so cute
Dreem4Cozim [9:37 PM]:
Dreem4Cozim [9:37 PM]: juan, huh?
LaDiDaGrl [9:37 PM]: LOL!!!!!
Dreem4Cozim [9:37 PM]: aw hell
Dreem4Cozim [9:38 PM]: damnit, adrienne, be gay already.
you keep saying you are
Dreem4Cozim [9:38 PM]: you're confusing me :-)

yeah. me too.

ftj girl wants to hang out tomorrow. shes kinda cute. not
too annoying yet. yeah why not.

AcidfIow [9:26 PM]: :-)wanna hang out allll day tomorrow?
AcidfIow [9:26 PM]: :-D
AcidfIow [9:26 PM]: O:-)
LaDiDaGrl [9:26 PM]: LOL!!!
LaDiDaGrl [9:26 PM]: yes i would if i didnt have to work
AcidfIow [9:27 PM]: :-(
AcidfIow [9:27 PM]: :-P u suck
AcidfIow [9:27 PM]: i meant that in the best way possible
AcidfIow [9:27 PM]: O:-)
LaDiDaGrl [9:27 PM]: hehe i work every m-f 1130-6... but
soon it'll be 2-6
AcidfIow [9:28 PM]: rawr..take a sick day?
AcidfIow [9:28 PM]: O:-)
AcidfIow [9:28 PM]: im a fun person...itd be worth it..
AcidfIow [9:28 PM]: :-)ook fine be resposible
AcidfIow [9:28 PM]: go to work hehe
LaDiDaGrl [9:29 PM]: LOL at most jobs i would go for it,
but its my second week and i like it a lot so i'm guna wait
a while before i start slacking
AcidfIow [9:30 PM]: :-)tehehe,thatd be smart i guess

its funny talking to johnathon. everything he says i feel
like he's crossing a line or something lol.

i want some sushi.
RattleheadMGDTH [9:39 PM]: pffff so its just rice rolled in
a leaf or something?
LOL. he is just like his brother.

hehe im guna go to the GYM! hell yeah man