Dick Doomsday

Pathetic Punk
2003-09-15 17:57:02 (UTC)


well...i havent checked up in a bit. so i'll just go back
as far as i can remember. um...friday i worked. sara let me
get off at noon so i could go with dominic, brittany,
jamie, and baci to carlsbad. we went shopping. it was fun.
took the coaster. and yeah. came back around 9ish-10ish.
watched some movies. smoked lots of bud. i know. i know.
i'm bad. :-( anyways...i was in the shower and i come out
and john, joe, and michelle were there. surprised me. so
yeah. i got john drunk. and i didnt realize it. whoops.
then they leave and as i walk john out he says he wants to
makeout with me. we kiss but then i pull away and he
leaves. then i go to bed.

hmmmm...so saturday i wake up and take the bus to work. i
get off at 6. my mom picks me up and i go home. take a
shower pack some stuff up. and she drops me off at jamba
juice. sara and baci were working. and said mark had come
by. and i was sad cuz i missed him. but then out of nowhere
i hear him yelling my name. so i was happy again. serena
and bee show up and we all hang out for a little while.
then mee, serena, and bee leave to find jamie. we end up
going home and find jamie there.

so....wow....um....it was like 10:30ish. dominic came home
right after we got there. he came with christian. i dunno
where niresha was that night. eric and juan come over
around 11ish. and sara, laura, karina, and baci show up
around 12ish. and then everyone decided to roll. i didnt
cuz i knew i shouldnt. at least not with that horny bunch
of people. so i played mom and made sure certain people
kept their hands to themselves.

and i had a really good talk with sara. i thought it was
going to be one of those dumb "there are plenty of fish in
the sea" talk that she gave jamie, but it wasnt. she just
said that i should know her more and started telling me
about her. stuff that she hides. so yeah. we talked for a
while. and wow. all her imperfections make me like her even
more. she said she just wants to see me happy but i just
want to see her happy too. she said ever since she first
saw me at work she thought i was really beautiful and that
she has wanted to kiss me since that night in TJ.

then she said "i'm going to kiss you tonight." and she did.
it was really nice. i mean, i had made out with karina like
three times that night, but the fact that sara had waited
made it really special. so they have to leave around 3:30
and i walk them out. and sara and i had kissed (just pecks)
a couple more times. i couldnt get enough.

so yeah. i go upstairs and pass out around 4.

wake up around 10 on sunday. and my mom picks me up. come
home around 12ish. call john and fall sleep.

wake up. and fall back asleep. wake up and eat a cup of
soup. call mark. tell him a snippit of what happened on
saturday. he takes a shower. i go pick up my truck. come
home. mark calls me. i go over there. we talk. go to
starbucks. come home around 9:30ish. call john. talk for a
while. hang up around 9:50ish. sit in my room for ten
minutes and realize i dont want to be there. call john
again and ask if i can go over. he says yes. i am happy.

i go over. we smoke. and talk some more. whats funny is
that every other time i go over there we end up making out
and what not. i went over and none of that was in my head.
when i left i was just gonna hug him goobye, and be off on
my little way. didnt happen. i hugged him. it felt good. i
missed everything. i hugged him more. and i just missed
being with him. and then he pecked me on the lips. and
yeah....we make out some. i miss him when im with him. life
sucks ass.

anyways...so now its monday. i dont have anything to do.
but be alone. i hate being alone. but i dont wanna be
around anyone. how the hell does this happen?