Diary of an American Witch
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2003-09-15 16:21:21 (UTC)


So I had a friend, and she was in trouble. Oh, she is fine
now, but for a while there I spent most of my time helping
her out. After that, I just didn't post. I was job
hunting, or I was partying, or I was reading and writing.
(book is going great by the way.) I got a job at
scholastic, and my 23rd birthday came and went. To tell
you the truth, I was pretty bummed. I was going through
what John Mayer calles a quarter life crisis. You know,
the whole "Im 23 years old, what the hell am I doing with
my life" sort of thing. And then, things started to
change. See I had been going through my training week at
scholastic, and the saturday of my training week was my
birthday. naturally, I had to work, but that's not the
point. See that big blackout had happened a bit before
that, and since the head office is up where the blackout
hit, they did'nt have the numbers that we would need to get
on the phones and take calls. That meant we had to double
up with someone and use the trainer's number. Well, when I
came in on monday, (my first solo day on the floor) it was
the same, so the paired us up with other people on the
floor, and I just happened by random chance to be paired up
with a guy named Cory. Well, we started talking, and we
really hit it off. He reads Jordan, (my fav writer) and
plays D&D, wich I love, and he's a writer.
Cory writes in a way that I have never seen anyone else I
have ever known do. He writes with passion. His stories
are not endless, dry plotlines, full of emotionless
characters, and political games. His characters live, and
breathe! They feel pain, joy, love, sorrow, and these
emotions move them, they don't just surface for a time when
the story calls for it.
I let him read Aria&Esellden, and shared with him the seven
book idea, and the vast network of history, and myth that
lies within my world. He loved it. He asks questions
about, not only the story, but the world, and the history,
that actually make me think about what Im writing. He's
opened this story up for me in a way I could never do for
myself. I have asked him to colaberate with me on the
series, and he says that he will, but he needs to become a
better writer first. He's a great writer, his work is just
a bit rough because he does not get the chance to pratice
much. We are already writing a role playing game based on
the series, and are going to play test it very soon.
I getting ahead of myself here.
We started going out the second day we knew eachother.
Tomorrow is our one month anniversary. Two weekends ago,
we went to the lake with his family, and then the next day,
he came over for my parent's 30 wedding anniversary, and
met the whole clan, almost.
We are planning to save up a couple paychecks and get a
place together. Things are going pretty fast, but Im ok
with that. Im better than ok with that. Cory is the one I
have been waiting for. I have wanted him for years, and
now here he is. He gets along with my friends, and I get
along with his, and, get this, our friends get along with
eachother! It's like everything is coming together in my
life. He doesn't bitch when I dye my hair funky colors,
and he doesn't push when Im uncomfortable with things. In
turn, Im a lot more open to doing certain things with him
that I would have never done with anyone else. Especially
in the bedroom. But we should save that for another time.
I have been talking too much already.

Anyway, that was the opening of my 23rd year on this
planet, and something tells me it just goes up from here.

Happy thinking