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2003-09-15 14:34:17 (UTC)

The mile

Someone here wrote a butiful story about a mile, and it
made me thinking, about things I allready knew, but dont
quite understand.

The main thing in the mile is that somtimes you meet people
who means the world for you a while, but then somthing
happend and you might lose touch and not talk at all, and
for the rest of your live you will look back and think
about all the good moments and memory that you`ve shared
with this person.
You walked tougether for a mile, but for some reason you
cant walk tougether anymore.
Everyone knows what Im talking about, Im sure, its the most
natural thing in the world, do you stay in touch with all
those who ment so much for you when you was a child for
And its nothing wrong with them, or you, its just that
whats keept you together some how fade away.

I`ve been walking the mile with a few persons, its been
quite a good miles to, to good prehaps, at least so good
that I cant let go of then.

If you have read my diary you might think that Im stil not
over S* and that I stil have a cruch on Chris, and then you
might juge me and think that then I should not have my
boyfriend Tommy and keep him for a fool.

I dont want a relationship with S*, and I dnt think I want
to spend the rest of my life with Chris eather. I just have
truble letting them go, the same way Im having trubble
quitting my gym, lose controll of Miguel and so on.
Im a controll freak, I need to know what they`re doing, how
they`re doing, and how our situation are, but that does not
mean that I want them, or at least not the way I used to....

Im trying my best to loosen up a little, I dont have to
know everything about everyone is this world do I?
I did quit my gym, Im dont spy, terror cal or wissit Miguel
anymore, Im happy if he`s happy, and last time I sow him he
looked happy. Afther last weekend I m not sure of S*, Im
not ready to let him go yet, so maybe I`ll ask if he want
to walk a mile extra with me, but a diffrent one from those
we been on before.
And Chris, og well, what is there to say, he`s a player, he
should not walk with anyone but crawl, haha!