2003-09-15 14:21:49 (UTC)

i am ready i am ready i am ready i am...

I am covered in skin
No one gets to come in
Pull me out from inside

I am ready, I am ready, I am ready, I am fine...

This song kills me

So I have to go to work in an hour. I hope they're nice
about my hair. They don't have to like it, just be nice.

I still dont have much work clothes... it may be that if I
were in better shape I'd be more comfortable wearing half
of them... and if they matched each other, that would also
be good.

hm. this girl keeps on talkin to me. i dont really like
her she doesnt have much personality. its guna be a long
day at work.

i guess i dont really have much to say for once. later.