A Crazy Persons Thoughts
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2003-09-15 13:22:57 (UTC)

After High School

Good gracious, i was an angry little girl. Well, not that
im exactly old and wise now, but i've grown up a lot over
the past year.
So i had my senior year. Without cheer too. It was
wonderful. I mean really wonderful. Jessica was gone, thank
God actually. She wasn't the best friend i thought she was.
Life was a LOT easier without her. Isn't that horrible of
me to say? Oh well, it's true. No cheer meant a social life
for me, and also i didn't have to deal with "coach"
anymore. What a bitch she turned out to be. I think she has
a lot of problems of her own. Oh yea, and she stopped being
the cheer coach. after last year. I think i finally did her
in lol. Too much drama for her to handle.
So i got really involved in theater instead. It was so much
fun. I was involved in all three of the productions durring
the year, starring in one of them, and stealing the show in
another. In the end i was named thespian of the year, and
my name goes on a little plaque. isn't that cool? my drama
teacher was great too. i didn't talk to her like she was my
best friend, but i think we have a lot in common. She's
real honest and not at all perfect. Me, Meg, Kristi, and
Kathy all hung out together. It was fun. We ate lunch with
a bunch of other people on the steps to the theater. It was
our own little lunch club.
School was so much better. I mean, it still wasn't perfect,
no straight A's or anything. Well, my last report card
would have been if it weren't for that one C (bad teacher,
i swear!) It was nice to not have to worry about that stuff
as much. That took a great deal of the stress off me.
Me and Danny are still going very strong. It'll be 2 years
in November, and we are definetly planning on marraige
sometime after he graduates from USC.
I'll be attending the Fashion Institute of Design and
Merchandizing in October. No PCC for me i guess. I'm
exited, but at the same time i wonder if I could have done
better if things had been different in high school. This is
ok for now. I might go back to school later in life.
As for me and God, it's kind of at a standstill. After an
inlightening senior year in Bible class, I'm more grounded
in my religion than i was a year ago. Not as charasmatic,
more practical. At the same time, i dont feel the love like
i used to.
It's funny, i dont feel a lot of things anymore. Not in a
bad apathetic way, but in a more reserved with my emotions
way. After that year of emotional turmoil, it's nice to
have a controll of things. I'm definetly more calm, more
put together. More... grown up i suppose. No more high
school drama for me.
So now, I'm ok. No more cutting, only seeing my psycologist
twice a month now, and it's kinda boring when i do, cuz
things are pretty ok.
yea, for now, things are pretty ok.