"Day-z H"
2003-09-15 13:10:06 (UTC)

"Another Week" September 15th, 2003

I haven't updated in a while...guess it is about time. Not
a lot to talk about right now...still 1/2 way asleep. Damn
school. Maybe I'll never really care for Alton
school...but it's only one year right. Also...thinking
about getting into alternative school. Not only for the
fact I can get away from some of the people who I don't
know who talk to me (which I guess sounds mean...but in a
way they all are rather annoying)...but to keep up with my
work now...considering I have been missing school so I can
keep up with my work for sure. Haven't talked to anyone
from my old school for a while, just haven't been on to I
suppose. I still like living here though :p. :)! My baby
is asleep and I gotta leave for school in a few mintues so
I guess I am outta here.

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