Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
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2003-09-15 05:54:22 (UTC)

Lazy Dayz

Today was a pretty boring day..woke up at like 12 and went
to brunch wit cheryl and kelly...saw christine there she
was wit her mom and just kinda chilled in the
room and did and kelly just stayed in the
room cept for the walk we took to the atm to get money for
dominoes...which took forever and we didnt even get the
rite stuff we got garlic bread instead of cinna
then just kinda talked to ppl on the comp and burned cd's
all nite...i was soo rite kelly decided to download
newsies songs and now she wants a digital camera just like
mine lol can we say "mini me"...then found out our RA
natalie got engaged over the its like 2am and
im still up cuz i cant sleep cuz its SOM HOTT i dunno why
im really hot and cant sleep so i guess ill try...first
horseback ridin lesson tomorrow!!!