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2003-09-14 22:35:04 (UTC)

carve your name into my arm,

instead of stressed i lie here charmed,
cus theres nothing else to do..
every me, and every you.

hm. i am sleepy. but i need to hang up clothes. and um.
balance my checkbook. lol yeah right. ive never done that
in my life and i dont have any money anyway. but im so
bored theres nothing to do i have this movie but im waiting
on my mom and i dont want to sleep and. i wish she didnt
have to leave. thats the worst part. but i had a fun day
i was content enough just being around her, even though
that stupid fucking cunt had to call like every 3 and a
half minutes. but.

we drove by matt and his mom and im very sure they saw us.
so that. probably. took the mystery out of the whole
thing, wondering why ive been so distant and bitchy.. so i
cant play that little game anymore.. i lost all control in
that second and im so fucked up, its hard to explain, i
dont give a shit if he knows i was with her, its that i
know now i dont have control, he doesnt have to wonder now
why im acting this way, and so he wont try to get it out of
me, he'll be the one whos angry at me, and holding the
control and thats when i get weak.. it doesnt make sense,
its just a matter of i know myself, and i know that even
right now, i want to call him so that i can feel the water
and see if he did see us and if he's still all sweet trying
to get me to not be mad or if he's the one whos mad and if
its the latter, i'm fucked. because i absolutely have to
be in control. -I- have to say that -I- dont want to talk
to -HIM- anymore. it cant be the other way around....

ugggggghhhhh why cant she stay..... i wish he and the
bitch would just GO AWAY.... I WANT HER TO COME BACK
AAAGGHH when she leaves is the worst part i lose my cookies
when she has to leave..

this girl is nice. from FTJ. so far. at some point they
all begin to bore me though, or annoy me.

movie time=)

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