Nick's Journal
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2003-09-14 21:17:59 (UTC)

Candid look on life

have you ever thought about how much of our life is
expressed through a look that is given or received? i
mean there's a plethora of them, like the
i'm gonna suck your dick look
i'm not gonna suck your dick look
i'm pissed at you look
i'm madly in love with you look.
there are looks of agitation/frustration and happiness.
no other gesture so tersely pantomimes the feelings of our
society. like for example i got the "don't get between me
and the last chili-cheese burrito" look from the leviathon
next to me at the cafeteria the other day. needless to
say i promptly stepped aside and let her get to it. no
words necessary, just one hungry, obsessive look to let me
know that i should get the hell away.
one of my favorite looks is the dawning comprehension
look. of course this is the look that linebackers love to
get out of qbs as they are about to pound them into the
grass. but i love that look in class. like for example,
when the egghead next to you adamantly insists on his
equation and the validity of the outcome......that is
until he goes over it need to finish it milton,
your look says it all.
the look of enjoyment is what i use to determine if the
musician i'm watching is actually good. if he looks like
he's pissed or agitated i know that he's not really into
whta he's doing. no stream of complex notes can
overshadow the pained look of an amateur violinist.
thre of course are also the failed looks, that were meant
to convey something, usually a greeting. or even worse
when a look is received but not perceived correctly. the
few seconds of "should i say hi?". see that's what i love
about looks, they take a bit of time to interpret.
they abyss of admiration found in the dark eyes of a son
watching his father is really sums up how candid looks are.