2003-09-14 09:27:50 (UTC)

theres a long thick line between love and lust...

between what you can see, and what you can trust,
and i can fool myself into a corner of lies,
i can cover my truth, on a bed of compromise..

but i dont want to sleep with uncertainty,
and i dont want to give only a sliver of me,
I've got a love that cannot be cut down,
I've got too much heaven to be kept on the ground...

I LOVE this woman... shes so amazing.. cus I DONT NEED TO

i saw him tonight.. i was getting ready to go to the
store, ALONE, and he called.. and said do you want to go to
the store with me.. so i did.. i could have said no, and i
decided that was the important part..

but. he gave me this cd. that he recorded a new song and
burned it for me... something about mumble mumble mumble "i
would drink all the tears she cried," over and over...

anyway. i unsent the message to my grandparents. i
debated it all night.. but. they dont care anyway.

i had a nice fun night with Ashleigh=) I took her flowers
hehe. cus at the store they had these beautiful colorful
flowers like the prettiest ones in the world so i bought
them and gave her half of them lol. even when i'm cute im
sort of a bitch.

but we dyed my hair pink YAYAYAY... and we watched Jackass
which was really stupid but she likes it so i didnt mind,
it was cute watching her crack up over it.. we spent a lot
of time on the driveway talking i smoked almost a pack of
cigarettes... and we baked a funfetti cake! and decorated
it with pink icing and creamcheese frosting.. and we
colored and stuf and talked some more and it was fun.

i also got this other movie i wanted to see, and i will
probably watch it with my mom tomorrow.. because i dont
expect caroline to call me... she never came back last
night, never heard from her all day today... she doesnt
care why cant i understand that and even if she did she
doesnt have time to.

well. im not thinking about it tonight. because well it's
almost 6 am.. and im tired. and i had a good night. so she
can just stay over there sleeping with that nasty cunt with
no time for me even though im the one who cares about her
and i wont think about it. ugh. well i tried.

BUT,HOW can i be sad with pink hair?!!?! lol. well we'll
see. goodnight=)