purple star

Never once spoken
2003-09-14 06:49:04 (UTC)

blurred footsteps

as she walked down the street alone tonight. all she could
see was their footsteps. blurred by the tears in her
eyes. she felt a presence, almost like a ghost. speaking
to her in that tone. the tone that soothes her soul. all
she could hear was the movement of her own body against the
air. but in her head, there were two. two bodies against
the humid stillness. one in reality, and the other in the
past. as she wept she stared straight ahead. she turned
the corner and saw them sitting there. on the steps,
conversating about their lives. more personal as she drew
closer. it takes time to build trust that no forces of
nature could break. for some that time comes quickly, for
others never. for them the time was then. and hopefully
the time is in the future.
the feeling in her stomach aches. it burns a hole into her
soul. she can feel it radiate throughout her body, her
mind, her spirit. feelings like that do not change, nor do
they exit. one thing is for sure. when she plays with her
rings, she will always hear him asking her why she is
fidgeting. and she will always have the same answer in her
head, of which only she is aware. for this is something
she never did share. because she is nervous. and as she
walks down the street every night until the day when the
ghost becomes real again, all she will see is their
footsteps. blurred by the tears in her eyes.

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