taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2003-09-14 05:52:15 (UTC)

Topless thought documentation.

Thats right ladies I am torsoedly naked in all my nippled
glory. Let the cowering and insults begin.

So, it's Sunday morning. The first full week of year 3 is
in the past and my once anticipation-filled self has been
replaced by the regular, crusty old me who does not
particularly enjoy the reality that events of the following
forseebale months will be governed by date rapes and due
dates, but without the date rapes.

This weekend so far has been dull. Went to Kingston
yesterday. Drove around. Pissed off Pat. Came home. Uhhh
and then today I downloaded about 103 songs and found some
of my old elementary notebooks in a box in the basement. It
turns out I nevor rely wos a goud speler. So that was kind
of neat. I'm a sucker for nostalgia, although todays
expirence was more like a previously uncharted history
lesson. And what else. I did some push ups. I'm not going
to explain why I am doing them on a regular basis. I anally
raped my fellow yahoo hearts competitors. I ate sausages
and green pepper for supper. And now I'm stalling. The
personification of rad is me.

Ok, so now that I am as done as this evening's spicey
italian sausage, I am going to depart with the following
words of wisdom, "Ernie Eves and Dalton Mcguinty suck
equally regardless of what either of them says."

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