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2003-09-14 05:20:21 (UTC)

fall in new england

Its been awhile since I've stopped in to see my poetic
conscience, so this seemed like a good time, before things
get out of control again.
I finally finished my website yup, that's it. my
space on the WWW. It is a virtual gallery and shows my
paintings and some photography. It is everything i've ever
wanted in the virtual world-everything moves and enlarges,
and there is even sound. I sent out gallery opening
invitations to my closest friends. I wonder what they will
make of it.
I am quite exhausted from finishing it and 4 paintings
this week, 5 including the one that bombed, but there may
be hope yet. Tomorrow is Sunday, and even God rested on
that day. I was considering taking Babette, my pooch, and
going apple picking. I love apples, not only r they pretty,
but they r nice to look at, and I have always wondered what
they would look like on the tree.
I thought that I should go out tonight and celebrate,
but by the time it came around to actually doing it, it
seemed too daunting. Perhaps I am starting to slow down.
Last night was sublime. I trekked over to Federal
Hill, to Violas for pizza. It is chic, by Rhode Island
standards, and reminds me of a cafe in Miami. It has a
small genteel, dimly lit bar and dining area, which is cozy
and pleasant. I ordered take away from the bar so I
would'nt have to eat alone. As I sat sipping my stoly
peppar on the rocks, the most handsome morsel came in with
either his date or sister, and they sat down for dinner.
Our eyes noticed each other as soon as they came in, and we
noticed each other a few times again. He was so charming
and boyish, and I imagined what it would be like sitting
there with him instead of her, and I was reminded of some
of the best dates in my life, then melancholy crept over,
reminding me that it had'nt happened often enough.
I sure am exhausted. Just thinking of New York, gets
me tired. I hope I make it through that adventure before I
find out where it is the soul goes after the body dies.