Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
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2003-09-14 05:17:50 (UTC)

Party Hardy!!!

So ya today was my first full weekend at ESU...Maris woke
me up this mornin at like 11 and then i went bak to bed
and then cheryl woke me up at 12 cuz they were goin to
brunch and wanted to kno if i wanted to then me
kelly christine and this girl jen went to brunch which was
really we were bored..chrisitne made me an ice
cream cone out of the play doh i won yesterday...then we
started watchin the breakfast club but got bored so i made
them watch the stand...we took a break between parts 2 and
3 to get dinner which was also then cheryl
called bout goin to a party so i decided to just
excuses just go cuz they were still watchin the
i went there and erins friend katey had her friends up
coch and nat i think lol..and laurens friend laura was up
and then we met up with this black kid derill whos like
kenny lol and these 3 there were like 15 of us
walkin to this we got to the castle lol and umm
ya we had to wait in line for like 20 minutes to fill up
the we were just chillin and my "cutie" was there
but he left..i dunno he wasnt we left a few
min later wit our cups cuz we fucki paid 5 bucks we didnt
wanna pay we went to this other place across
from the baseball house and it was friggin packed..but
they had naddie ice the other house had we were
dancin and shit and it got soooo hot so we went outside
and then i dunno the football party got busted and all the
ppl were comin there so i dunno how it stayed so long w/o
gettin busted i guess cuz it was in the back kinda..i
dunno so we were like freakin cuz it got really nuts so we
left and as we were walkin i was sayin something bout beer
but didnt mean to and everyone was like "SHUT UP" like 2
min later there like sorry we yelled but there were cops
rite across the street..i didnt even see we went
back to cheryl and all thems room and omg it was soo
funnny..we all had to pee but lauren shit got soaked in
beer so she took it off and kier took it and laura took a
pic of her peein lauren had to walk bak to the
room wit just a bra i eventually left and i
came bak to the room and kellys sleepin wit the remote in
her hand and i dunno what to do..its like weird too its
like pointed at the tv haahh..ok great nite

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