you cant escape what makes you tragic
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2003-09-14 03:59:31 (UTC)


things are flashing before me, things are spinning around
in my head. i'm clawing through the mess. i'm trying to
find my way out but its crowded in here. damn. it's SO
crowded, its a mob, a plethora, an insane fucking amount of
you, of people who dont give a damn. damn. you don't give a
damn, i do. no wait, that's backwards. YOU all give a damn,
I don't, i just want to be left alone. alone, alone,
something I'm not... alone. i'm colouring in the lines, now
i've painted by your numbers. i cant see where this is
taking me but i keep painting by your numbers. White is #1.
white washes over the white that's already there, and all
i'm really covering is the number, the number you created.
there is a lot of white here. when i've painted over all
the numbers, and i'm done colouring in the the lines, i'm
going to go someplace that there is no white. ALONE.