Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2003-09-14 00:20:19 (UTC)

is that a $1

This weekend, ok, week has been wicked crazy. No time for
anything...ever. I work, I practice, i go to parties, and
the studio to record, I go see a show, and I get crap
together for a yard sale and actually put one on and maybe
even have time for another party...what the??

ok so last night Shaunna and I drove to athens to see one
of my all time favorite musicians Rufus
was only $5 and well we got there about 20min late but he
still was great. It was just him, a piano, a guitar, and a
stage. Ok, maybe some lights, a sound system, and an
audience too. It was great though. Maybe not as great as
last time but not much less. I thank my girlfriend for not
killing me because I drove like a maniac to get there.

anywho I ended up not going to sleep till about 2am and
then getting back up at 8am to run the 1st ever pacifico
yard sale and we ended up making close to $300 and there
is still more stuff and tomorrow left. You wouldn't
believe how many people think a Tv for $5 is so
rediculous. oh well

So yeah that is a glimpse of how my life has been this
last few months. Basically I don't have one...a life that
is. i just want to "rock n roll everynight and party
everyday"-kiss and soon i shall thank you Lord.

ok well off to surf more web and then eat and watch a
movie maybe go to a party and sleep oh, yes sleep

cd-Simian (the band that does the song for the new
american eagle comercials)
movie-SNL Best of Will Ferrel
book-namedropper(layoff I am close to the end...I just
said I don't have anytime)