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2003-09-13 16:53:46 (UTC)


Subject: I have a question..

I am full of disbelief that two people I'm related to by
blood could be so sickeningly mean.

I can only hope that for the rest of my life, I never
encounter anyone as heartless, selfish and pure mean as you
both are.

Your hearts are so cold it makes me sick.

How you can ignore the birthdays of 3 of your
grandchildren, as I know you'll ignore mine, is beyond
me. Those kids didn't deserve being hurt that way, I just
thank God that they no longer have to be exposed to your
disgustingly fake, hateful bullshit.

I don't know how you can hate me, or hate my mother. The
only mistake my mother has ever made was letting you back
into our lives.

The only thing you care about is yourselves, money, and
your mean-hearted lesbian daughter. Of your own demise,
your lives sadly hold NO true value.

I could always see right through my so-called grandmother's
mask, but my "grandfather" is now also dead to me.

I don't know how either of you can sleep at night, knowing
what evil lives inside you.

Timothy 6:9, 10 - Love of money is a root of all kinds of
evil. Greed leads to many foolish and hurtful lusts, many

Clearly, money is the only thing that you care about, but
are your dreams full of images of burning in hell?

Because there is no doubt in my mind that you both will.