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2003-09-13 15:19:34 (UTC)

pink hair and floating away in the sunrise

mmm i was so sleepy.

i watched rocky with my mom last night lol. she did the
time warp with me. i dont know how she liked it but. we
didnt actually finish it, my aunt called about this mess
with my asshole grandparents, and i fell asleep while she
was on the phone and then she wanted to finish it so maybe
she liked it.

i had weird fucking dreams... first, i was at work... and
juan sat on the other side of the room, so i was like ugh
cus i couldnt look at him all night lol... then he says hey
come here... and so i did and he comes real close and says
i want you to come over tonight... and i said okay.. and so
i was there and i was getting mad because it was getting
really late and we were still like talking and drinking but
i didnt want to TALK to him i just wanted to.. do other
things... so then like ALLISON calls me.. which was weird,
and i was talking to her a while and shes like you have to
come out to the beach i miss you, so i said okay... bye
juan... because i guess i was irritated, i didnt want to
get to know him and possibly like him..

so i go out to the beach... a lot of people are there in
this big apartment thing, but everyone is sleeping, this
other kid from work, matthew, ashley, allison, caroline and
fatass... caroline was the only one awake, so i ask her to
come outside with me and she hesistates but then we sneak
outside very quietly..
and its just before sunrise, and im like come with me in
the water and im pulling her in and shes like no no
no..okay... and it didnt feel cold it was warm and nice and
i was pulling her and we could see through the water to
sting rays and fish lots of fish beneath our feet, and shes
like "slow down, slow down" and im like "no lets go" and
sharks crossed my mind because we were getting really far
out, really deep, but i wasnt scared like i usually am and
i held onto her and we swam through dolphins, so i knew now
there really could be sharks, then we looked back and we
were so far that i knew he couldnt see us from the window
anymore and we floated, with her arms around me and i knew
there were many many feet of dark water beneath me, with
sharks and eels and nasty things, but i wasnt even
scared.... normally i am TERRIFIED of having water below
me, even in a swimming pool i have to be able to touch or
i freak out. that is the last i remember...

well anyway.. im guna dye my hair, maybe make a shirt and
clean today... and tonight's girls night with ashleigh=)