Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
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2003-09-13 06:54:12 (UTC)

Best Nite Ever!!!

So tonite had to be the best nite i have had here lets see where to mornin was pretty
crappy cuz i had some boring classes..then i was really
kinda mad cuz i wanted to go to a party BUT umm ya my
roomie wanted to go but nobody else wanted her i
was tryin to think of a way to get rid of her lol but in
the end i didnt need to..well sorta..first we went to
cheryls room and watched most of the Newsies..its so funny
how Cheryl found another person obsessed with the Newsies
cuz Lauren is OBSESSED lol she knows all the words to all
the songs to me and kelly and chrisitne went to
Bingp and i won a shit load of a box of ritz
bitz sex game(haha) poker, oh and play doh
lol and christine won a case of gatorade and a then after that i wanted to go to the other i told my roomie that i was going to
comfort Erin who was still upset bout the whole moving i went over there and we ordered cheesesteaks
from Kasa's which is bad cuz i shouldnt be eating so many
meals..gonna have to work hard at the gym
then we decided to Tye-Dye lol it was fuckin awesome...i
did two shirts Erin did her hoodie, Cheryl did some shirt
that she had of Eugene's and Lauren and Kierstin did
sheets to put over their we were all completely
covered in dye by the end of the nite...Erin also would up
dyin her sports bra and underwear by the end of the nite
too the Erin's friends Katey and Barb came over
and Katey wanted to dye too so she took of her shirt and
dyed that lol and then she dyed a paper towel and then her
flip flops lol...which in the end made her feet turn
different colors..also she drew the funniest pictures of a
bufflo haha for Kier...then Erin dropped something from
the top bunk so Katey went to get it and she fell and got we took pics of her stuck then we helped her
out...then i was bout to leave wit Katey cuz we live in
the same dorm and...she accidentally dropped their
cordless room phone into the bucket of water we had for
the tye first we were like what fell and then
Katey grabbed it and we all just started cracking up..she
was standing there freakin out tryin to get the water off
the phone and all we could do was ya now their
phone doesnt work and it was Missy's OMG like this week
couldnt get any we broke her phone too
i went bak wit Katey and there were cops on the second
floor of Lenape and Katey told me last nite they were on
the fourth floor of my hall cuz someone passed out from
drinkin too i got bak and i couldnt tell my
roomie..notice im callin her my roomie cuz lately she has
a tendency to stand over my shoulder and i am so oblivious
i dont see her so ive been hiding my tye dyed
hands from her since i got bak and she was all
Erin better?...and at first im like ugh ya but then im
like oh ya she was sad now shes not lol...i feel horrible
but im takin billys adive to not let what she does ruin my
college not her fuckin like holdin her
leash and shit i hate when ppl follow ya and im
NOT takin my cousins advice cuz i told him and he said to
kill her..i think he was drunk at the time her
friend Mark is "supposed" to come tomorrow..but who knos
nemore so i gotta try to get away from that for i wrote a nite finally im enjoyin