The Nine Faces of Dave
2003-09-13 06:25:03 (UTC)

your attitude really does determine your altitude

That's right folks, almost 1:30 A.M. on Friday night, a day
I've been looking forward to all week, and I'm writing in my
journal. As you might be able to guess, things didn't turn
out quite the way I had hoped.

The plan, formulated around 5:30 today, was that one or two
of my comrades would swing by to watch Scanners. The reason
for this was that I'd sold a friend of mine from here on the
premise behind Scanners (keep in mind I've not seen it), and
so we decided that at some point we needed to watch it. So
tonight seemed like a good night. But then he disappeared,
and his roommate didn't know where he was, and all our plans
broke down by the roadside. So I was kind of pissed. And I
ended up doing linear algebra homework instead.

But, even though the evening was pretty much a failure, the
daytime wasn't bad at all. I got up around 10:15 to go run,
went to the gym for a bit afterwards (and for the record, my
progress has plateaued somewhat), and then showered and got
dressed in plenty of time to catch the bus to head downtown
for my guitar lesson.

After my return, I met up with some friends, had some lunch,
and spent a good hour or so hanging out in the arcade. And
I also managed to get my laundry done. I can't quite figure
out why, but I'm finding a certain joy in doing my laundry.
It's a big pain and all, but something about having my good
clothes clean again is very satisfying. I'd better watch it
here; I might start to develop a sense of style.

The highlight of the day, however, was meeting two very nice
girls on the bus back from downtown. We had an interesting
bit of conversation; one of them bore an uncanny resemblance
to a girl who went to my high school, so I was curious as to
whether they might be related in some fashion. As it turns
out, the answer was no. But my inquiry proved beneficial in
the end, as I believe I've made a couple of new friends (at
least, as much as that's possible on the bus).

I was much surprised, both by their friendliness (see recent
postings) and by my initiating the conversation. I honestly
don't think I would have been able to do something like that
before, especially cconsidering how attractive they were.

So I guess this marks a real step forward for me. For once
I actually have the nerve to make social connections. It's
a very strange feeling, I'll say that much. And my boldness
actually elicited a very positive response, which makes for
another strange experience.

The question, of course, is: what can we attribute to my new
attitude (and possible projection of aura or something along
those lines), and what can we attribute to the improvements
in my physical condition? Of course, the two are very much
related I'm sure, so perhaps it doesn't work to split up the
credit like that. Keep in mind, however, that I'm still on
the heavy side, so I may be relying more on attitude than I
originally thought.

Whatever the cause, the effect is welcome. I think the "new
beginning" I was after is starting to make an appearance.

This is Dave, signing off.