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2003-09-13 01:17:00 (UTC)

if you want to, i can save you...

i can take you away from here,
so lonely inside, so busy out there...
i'm sinking slowly, so hurry hold me,
your hand is all i have to keep me hanging on...
so i took your hand and we figured out that
when the time comes i'd take you away..


awww i gave my baby a spray bath, he loves that so now he's
all happy=)

work was good tonight we didnt do much, took a test, i had
an evaluation which went very well i got a 97 on my test,
only switched two answers, AND AND AND.... they said i can
have pink hair!!!! YAYAYAYAY!!

man i have a weakness for spanish boys.. most spanish girls
are too... i dont know, uppity or slutty or something, MOST
i said MOST... but this boy is so beautiful.. and big soft
hands..messy black hair, big brown eyes... its nice to have
someone beautiful flirting with you a little bit.. my
interest is purely physical though lol.. PURELY he's dumb
as a box of rocks but i want to tie him up and do bad
things to him... i DONT like black boys, hardly ever like
white boys, but... 1 out of 20 spanish boys REALLY turn me
on.. let me stop before i make myself sick.

i feel strangely guilty even thinking about these things
when ive been thinking about her so much.. but shes
sleeping with that nasty fucking bitch every night when im
laying here alone thinking of her so. im just being
stupid. all around.

i didnt see her.. of course.. maybe sunday. maybe
tomorrow. yeah. right.. i need to give this up.. its only
getting me disappointed every day or thinking about shit
that is never going to get better...

fucking WHY do i have to look at this bitchs website every
time she signs on? i remember the first time she pulled it
up on MY computer and i was like "dont look at porn on my
computer" cus shes got these nasty slutty pictures on
there dont look nothing like her, "Sporty built body" yeah
if eating is a sport or fucking, ass-growing i dont know...

so i just read yesterdays horoscope, now im pissed off
again.. "Step up to claim what should be yours. The
entertainment possibilities are high." fuck him. im
seriously 500 ways of done with his backstabbing greasy
lying selfish ass.

anyway.. im guna paint.. or maybe im guna go to bed lol.. i
love this, busy days and being able to fall asleep early
and sleep in a little and not having time to depress
myself... i want to take another hot dark bubble bath.. but
it puts me right to sleep and she'll be on.. but fucking a
am i sad or what...

we'll see.. damn its only 9. feels like 1.