Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
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2003-09-12 15:15:37 (UTC)

Drama Rama

I thought that when I left clifton I would leave the drama
behind but i guess heres the story..Missy Erin And
Kierstin all live across the hall from Cheryl and
Lauren...they are in a temporary triple which means that
Erin was is the temp is supposed to move out when they get
a room..well Erin and Kier and now like Best Friends and
no one likes Missy so they want Missy to move out since
they all hate each other newayz...well missy decided that
she wasnt gonna move out cuz "her parents wont let her"
how pathetic an excuse is now Erin doensnt kno
what to do cuz she doesnt wanna move and neither does
Missy..if Erin is foreced to move tho there is gonna be
hell...cuz Kier is not the type of person that is gonna
let missy pull something like this..i kno that she is doin
it out of spite to Erin cuz they dont like each
today Erin Kier and Jackie are gonna go talk to the
housing director cuz its nuts...newayz so ya everythings a
lil better on the roommate front..her friend Mark is comin
up this weekend and he wants to get wit me haha..he looks
like Mr. Wilson and Andrew Cap put together..umm how bout
no...i might be desperate but i have some ya
and ive been hangin wit christine a lot..she reminds me of
like kim and marissa put together combo..ya so i
havent been to any parties lately but im hopin we stop by
the 80's party tonite at Acacia...cuz i love some good ole
80's..i miss everyone bak home and i now know that the
count for people who read my diary is at 1!! yeah Rachael
lol..ok im out