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2003-09-12 14:03:02 (UTC)

sleep on, dream on..

mmm. its so fucking nice to wake up in my bed and not have
to stay awake, and just stretch and twist and roll around
in my amazing blanket for 30 minute and know im not going
to be late for anything if i do. i think thats one of my
favorite things lol.

it would be better if i had woken up on my own and not cus
this prick was calling me.. but he told the guy about my
dad cus the guy needs a router consultant, so. whateva.
thanks prick. haha what did he want "oh matt youre so
amazing that makes up for every single million times you've
made me feel like shit i just love you all over again"
or "eat me motherfucker."

i had scary dreams about a million kittens and my lizard
and little tiny christmas trees... like handsize ones...
yes, scary. huh thats weird i took tetris out to feed him
and i remembered it. my kitty was in it =( that makes me
sad i want her with me so much.

ah well. i have a TON of studying and cleaning and laundry
to do. i have all weekend for the cleaning and laundry,
but i'd like to get it done now, so i can spend some time
with myself this weekend... and i have a date with
ashleigh. a "straight date." lol.

sleepy=) i really hope this guy calls me and its works.
okay maybe i'll go to the gym too. and she might come by
after work or see me or something. but well. i wont count
on it=/... its not really her fault though i guess.. okay
im guna study! or clean. bye


i dont know whose side im taking,
but im not taking things too well,
i can see inside you're aching,
but is it still too early for me to tell?

i try to help you out through the hardest of times,
your heart is in your throat,
and im speaking my mind,
though it looks as if it's over,
im still not over you,
if only she knew.

i try to let it go
but I don't know if I can take it,
cause the way you looked at me made me see
that I can't really fake it...

cus I still love you like I did before,
i know for sure that you still feel the same way i do,

cus i will never ever walk away, i'll find a way
she could never love you like i do,
if only she knew..

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