2003-09-11 20:36:38 (UTC)

Waitressing Woes


dude, fuck him. That guy was such an ass to me. I got
him his coffe, I got him his water....oh! but heaven forbid
if his food is a mere 15 mins late. So he gave me some
attitude. Oh, did he let me have it. His wife just sat
there passively like the dumb phukin housewife she is.
Ugh...what a cocksucker ( no pun intended) ANYWAY, all in
all, this guy had the audacity to leave me a buck. Almost
like in sheer mockery of the whole "shit"-uation,
like, "here you go, dumb bitch....that's all you're
worth...a dollar!" I rather he left me nothing.

if you have any comments about this...
do whatever you want with 'em