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2003-09-11 16:18:33 (UTC)

theres a knock on the door

but im not guna open it
im guna close my eyes and maybe it'll go away...

YAY!! I am SO excited right now. my fucking awesome kick
ass humanities teacher told us today about his friend -
from the waffle house lol - who is looking for a part time
silk screener for his business... so i called him as soon
as i got out of class and he's really nice and i'm meeting
with him at 2!!! I dont know if I will be able to do it
with this other job, which I REALLY dont want to give up,
but I dont know... we will see, and if anything, maybe it
would be something really cool for Caroline to do, in the
field of graphics and stuf... I dont know, hopefully though
I can do it and he needs a few people cus I would LOVE that
and it would be really cool if she wanted to do it cus she
needs another job or whatever... FUCK YEAH i hope it
doesnt suck... or like. $6/hr. or something with hours I
cant do.. but he said hes really flexible with hours so...
im so hopeful! i dont want to get my hopes up too high but
it could be the best opportunity..

Another couple of cool things about today... I might see
her later! i hope so but, i know how that goes so. i
will wait to be excited until i'm there. And I didnt talk
to him, it really wasnt as hard as I thought it would be,
sitting through classes together and not talking.. he didnt
ask for his stupid receipt so i didnt give it to him, he
can ask nicely if he wants it. but not a word was spoken.

I'm making a little book about myself.. lol.. in addition
to my many big books about myself... no, like. things i
think people should know about me. or something. I dont
know where I'm going with it yet... just trying to keep
myself busy and figure myself out and all.

I'm excited. I think I have time for an incredibly quick
nap, not even an hour and then I'm guna go!! YAY

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