Dave's Mental Meanderings
2003-09-11 05:48:16 (UTC)

Poem - "Wandering Wind"

As the dragging day slows down to a crawl,
I welcome the first cool breeze of the fall,
It drifts through the streets by store-fronts and trees,
Drifts under bridges and drifts over seas,
Drifts through my vision gone soft and astray
As the waning sun brings death to the day,
Much like the fading sense of rebirth
Ushers the end of my radiant mirth,
Brought forth by way of the wandering wind
That blows one way and then blows back again,
Leaving me tainted and twisted and raw,
And you'd understand why if you'd seen what I saw,
If you'd drank the wine that swirls inside me
Or met the angels that found and untied me,
If you'd kissed the sky or made love to the clouds
That muffled your whispers while I screamed aloud,
If you knew the void by the flesh and the blood
Like I did when I drowned in the wake of the flood,
If you wriggled and writhed and finally broke free
And swam to the surface, reborn from the sea,
If you'd held in your hand a perilous pearl
That threatened to crush your sandbox world,
If you'd opened your palm for a closer look
And discovered what can't be learned by the book,
If you'd thrown up your arms and accepted your fate,
And not heard it from me when the time was too late,
You'd understand then that a bright epitaph
Arrives at the heels of the very last laugh,
We all shine on, as the fellow once said,
But a few of us shine before we fall dead.