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2003-09-11 04:50:10 (UTC)

Cocteau Twins

Yesterday was the first rain of the season. I took off my
jacket and ran through sprinklers in the rain and rolled
down a wet grassy hill and searched for four leaf clovers.

I haven't gone to class the last couple days. I had to go
to a Native American museum on campus and I only had time
by missing anthropology class. I'm about to write a paper
about knee-length women's mocassins.

I saw Kai walking towards the art building and followed
him, but I wasn't fast enough. It was nice to see him even
though he didn't see me.

At a glance I often mistake strangers for whoever I'm
thinking of. Everyone reminds me of someone I've known. It
can drive me mad.

I am thinking about the boy in my figure drawing class. He
looks like a lanky British rock star with defined cheek
bones and dark deep-set eyes. He got close to me
to pull a piece of tape off the back of my dress. It was an
interesting moment. I think we should draw each other.

I'm feeling good.

Love, Dem