2003-09-10 15:26:00 (UTC)

cus i do know whats good for me,

and ive done what i could for you...

I woke up and felt guilty.. because maybe i was being a
bitch yesterday and i deserved to get yelled at and
everything.. the thing about the puppy was out of line but.
i really have been being a bitch to him and its new to him
and. but then i remembered NO NO NO ADRIENNE. so im

"am i guna heal from this? he wont admit to it
nothing to figure, i gotta get him out,
time the truth goes out that he dont give a shit about me."

i remember, i had this CD, and i loved the music but I
didnt know the words to this song, until one day Katie
wrote it on a note to me... we were having a sort of
problem with him still being around... god, i seriously had
that problem with EVERYONE... and apparently thats why she
stopped talking to me entirely.. i dont really care cus
shes a nutcase but. sometimes i do. especially since shes
living in orlando this semester. anyway NEVERMIND how did i
get to that bullshit? anyway the point is. fuck him!!!

yay! ashleigh's coming this weekend! so is ashley! but i
dont know if i'll see her cus she's just driving up to go
to the club with her roommate and that girl. if she was
staying for a day or two i would definetely see her. but
the club. ugh. doubtful. anyway ashleigh and i are
guna "get fruit salad and ices and watch girly movies."
i'm excited, and i have something to look foward to now.
and now even if he calls to say sorry i wont be tempted to
pick up because i wouldnt be allowed to spend time with her
on a weekend so I wont pick up!!!

i forgot to write, but science guy called me yesterday.
creepy science guy. lol i told him my now very limited
availability and i think he still wants me.. i dont know
about the drive.. but it'd be a really cool job. if he
calls me back, i'll take it. but i dont think i'll sleep
with him for it! lol pretty sure thats what he wants.

dawn wants to go on a trip or something. she even put it
in her diary. that would probably be a really good thing
for me right now. and i miss her.

"and i will take you somewhere
somewhere to unwind
your tangled up in all this shit
i will make you mine

olp658 (10:17:08 PM): so we really could...
olp658 (10:18:33 PM): ok. tomorrow ill see if i get a job
i hope, and if i have income to afford such things. then
maybe this weekend, or the next... i wanna take you away,
from orlando, from all the exs and possibles and parents
and animals and familiarity... do you think you could
come? ill find somewhere to go.
LaDiDaGrl (10:24:59 PM): yes i would want to=) "

as long as its not NY when that stupid fucking cunt asshole
nasty bitch is there... i dont know WHAT im guna do with
myself that week im guna be so unhappy knowing that. ugh.

but yay i went shopping today and got lots of new work
clothes so that was exciting. yay... well i have a ton of
shit to do for school, and i have to go to work now and im
rushed. bye