2003-09-10 07:10:09 (UTC)

TDC strikes again...

It's tuesday. Or so it was when we were still hanging out a
while back. Point being is that we hit the town, and we hit
it hard tonight. Being tuesday and me a broke female,
wanted to take advantage of lady's night at the pool hall
in Chicago Billards. Neither steph nor Christina could

Chris picked me up from work, we stopped by my house real
fast. He met my mom, she didn't really wanna meet him, and
I just wanted her to meet him and hope that it would bring
her trust into him. Don't think it worked since she called
me later in the night and we talked about the situation and
said that he looks weird. Which has nothing to do with
anything but she is just looking for things to find wrong
with him.

We then went to the hip, having nothing to do and waiting
for tim to finish something up and get his but on over.
Chris was hungry, I wasn't but he wouldn't eat by me if I
wasn't eating. So me not having any cash said fine get me
something small and I'll pay you back soon. Had some cheese
cake. He had the chicken. Said it was really good in that
one place. Played some video games, checked out some
stores, were kinda bored without tim. Went to Jewel. He was
to make a deposit, bumped into parents took out a twenty
for both them and me. Dad didn't wanna meet Chris. Oh well.

Got to his house. Tim calls shortly after Chris starts
playing sonic again. He'll be there in about 45 minutes. So
he finally came while I just chilled on the floor. We
snatched Chris from the t.v. and went on to playing pool.

First Tim and I versus Chris, Chris sunk the 8 ball and
lost. Then Chris and I versus Tim, Tim sinks 8 ball too
soon, and looses. Last game, guys versus me, I clean house
(4 or 5 balls in a row) and sink the eight ball in the
pocket I called. None of us could believe it. Bumped into
some familiar faces.

Since games ended quickly, still have time, went to
Brunswick. The three of us were ofcourse in Chris's SLK 230
Mercadez-Benz Kompressor. I finally remember what it's
called. We have a way to fit in it comfortably now. It's a
little odd but it works. Chris gets to touch me which I
don't mind. Tim is welcome to as well it keeps me warm, but
he doesn't do that. I have my legs inbetween the gear
change, one on each side of the guys. This fits fine with
tim, and Chris but brushes a little up against the steering
wheel. Chris rests his arm on my leg, and if they wanna
change the music that's by my knees. If Chris is changing
gears it's really funny cause he has to reach inbetween my
legs for it. I have to slauch but it works. My arms are
behind their head rests which is a tight fit so if we do
get in a crash I'll just dislocate my shoulder and not fly
out of the window. Although only loss here is that Chris
can't really see the back. Oh well. Small price to pay.

So being in such a position inspired a conversation. How
close friends we are, and how did this develop. I heard the
story of Tim and Chris aquainting through Eric's halo
parties. They made a good team on the jeep as a driver and
shooter. They then started hanging out and I came to the
picture after they were bored after one of those parties
one day and wanted to do some more stuff. I was playing
tennis with Aindria when I got the call. Tim just got my
number like a week before. That night we spent about 12
hours together and talked about such deep things. We were a
pact from then on.

We talked about this while waiting at Brunswick for a
reduced priced bowling time. Like 6 minutes really. We were
about to begin bowling when I got the call from my parents.
(The one I mentioned before.) I told my mom about the deal
and she allowed me to stay till 12:10 so we can use it up.
So we played and talked about planning the road trip to
Florida until 10:30 so we can go get ice cream or something

In the mean time Tim was doing something after we just
reminded him of the captain hat. (One time we were hanging
out we played a game saying what are our top 5 places to
have sex at/in, tim's top was on a boat with a captain hat,
so we keep referring to it.) So he was demonstrating
something like that with his phone, and then Chris joins
his phone in since his top was while parasailing, so they'd
be close. Then I join in by being at the beach. One of
mine. So then we just realize what a SIGNificantly perfect
friendship we have. That this is like destiny. Our signs
consist of Chris aquarius = Air; Tim pisces = water; Me
capricorn = earth.

Recently I've been looking through my runes and I've been
pondering should I drop these guys. I thought that I might
have to. The runes told me that a sacrifice had to be done,
I was hoping it wouldn't have to be them. Now I think it's
everything but them that I need to purge myself of.

(I also do need a much better job, or atleast much, much
more hours if I want this whole road trip thing to work

So pondering on that we headed for Benningans, something
besides the constant Denny's, for Ice cream. It took us
longer then expected and then we came to see that it was
closed. So we headed for Baskin Robins but still ran late.
On the way out from Bennigans though I saw a total sign
that this group is meant to be. I saw a sign: TDC (Tucker
Development Co.) But you know it could also mean Tim,
Dorothy, Chris. We didn't have enough time so they just
drove me home. We had such fun. It's a trade mark for us
now to drive in a two passanger car as the three of us.

I'm staying with my buds. They are a good part of my
development. Now I'm tired and still must meditate.

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