A day in the life....
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2003-09-10 03:31:43 (UTC)


Well everyone,
I'm better now! i beat the cold and now i'm back in full
swing with classes. I have my first exam tomorrow morning.
Yay nutrition.
I got to spend this past weekend with Brian, which as
always is wonderful for the most part. The time just always
seem to go way too fast or we try to get so much done in a
short amount of time. But we did get to enjoy the afternoon
saturday and play wallyball/cookout with some of my
friends. That was lovely :o) They finally got to meet him.
Well, now he's gone again...i'm always saddened to see him
go, but i cling to the hope that one day i won't have to,
that one day he'll just take him home with him for good.
Strange as it may seem, i was inspired as i woke up from a
2 1/2 hour nap i took at my grandma's. So i sat and i
quickly wrote what came to me. What i wrote? well it's a
mixture of a poem and a song...*shrug* i'm just too shy to
really sing it unless i'm by myself with no one listening.
Anyways i've posted it below. I should go study and await
my valiant knight's calling. God bless! It's going to be a
good week. *smiles*

"Won't You Come"

Sweet melodies fill up my heart
Like the rain
Softly it plays your song

Come and light up my life
Like a shooting star
Leave your memory in my mind

So won't you come
Come to my side
I need you, darling
In my life

Come and warm up my soul
Like a fire
Burning forever in your arms

But when the sun goes down
Outside my window
I'll still see the sunshine in your eyes

So Won't you come
Come to my side
I need you, darling
In my life

Come, come to my side
I need you, darling
In my life

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