An inconcluded life
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2003-09-10 03:29:49 (UTC)

a month went by...

If one month ago someone would have come up to me and
told me that I was going to meet the most incredibly
amazing person through the internet I would have laughed
at their face.

It was a month ago that we spent a lovely night
together talking about everything and anything.
Incredibly we went smiling to each other's own bed hitting
dawn after a whole night of getting to know each other.

I must confess that as the night went by I started
feeling infatuated. We shared the same giddy feeling with
a pinch of excitement. And ever since, you have not left
my thoughts. Even though a month does not seem that long,
I feel like we have come very close. Above anything, I
feel you are my friend. I can tell you anything, even if
at times it is not so easy to say it.

A while ago, I'd get this horrible feeling of
insecurity, nagging doubts and questions that just didn't
let me be or sleep in peace. I wondered where you where
and what you were up to... and with whom. But you taught
me how to wait. You taught me patience and made me feel
sure about you. You taught me to accept maturely that you
have a life and a job and you are looking for stability in
life. And that "highschooler" feeling changed to a more
stable and strong bond that helped me learn that life,
after all, still has good things to offer me, and one of
them is you.

You reminded me that sunrises are still beautiful and
that only a lucky few get to enjoy the first hours of
daylight; that royal butterflies are magic; that Colon
still has hope; that crabs in bucket never crawl out of
it; that sloths love to visit people's fences at night;
and that the Gamboa bridge still makes wishes come true.

You have taught me so many things in such short time
that it would be too difficult to enumarate them all here.
You have taken me past my limits in so many things!
Starting with telephone conversations that go over seven
minutes all the way to sharing such intimate things as our
position on anal sex. You have taught me to be patient,
to not dispair or furthermore, not panic; to plan the
future with confidence because we both know we are not
risking loosing each other. You've taught me to trust you
and to believe in every word that comes out of your
mouth... and with every word you make me feel secure.

I know four months seem like an eternity, but I'm
sure they will go by as fast as this month has flown by.
I'm sure that it is worth it to give us this time to still
get to know us better, to get more used to each other and
to learn that we can really develop a trustworthy
relationship despite the hidden fears that we both might
hide inside. Help me achieve this without loosing your
patience. I know I might get really annoying some times,
but please understand me and help me. I would not like to
loose you.

Thank you for your wonderful company, for inspiring
my every days, for your kind words of cheer and for this
caring feeling that I have for you. Cheers to you and for
the time to come.