I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2003-09-10 03:02:24 (UTC)

What I Learned Today

I was sitting in the parking lot at school listening to
the radio for a few minutes before I had to go to class.
Across the street is a very pretty park with a cool
playground and soccer fields and a pond with a fountain
and trees and the like.

And then I saw something moving towards the street. It was
a turtle! I kept watching him and he was on a mission. He
came up to the sidewalk and seriously wanted to come see
me. But we all know about how turtles don't look both ways
before crossing.

A couple was walking the sidewalk and the guy kinda
scooted the turtle away from the street and towards the
lake, but I must have been very appealing as my reptilian
friend turned around to come find me.

And I thought "Hey, I should go take him to the lake". And
then I suddenly realized "I can't do that, I'm scared of

Don't ask me why, I honestly can't tell you. Kelly, I know
you're crushed. But it's true. I started praying for my
friend not to cross the street cause I knew there was
nothing I could do for him.

He flopped over the curb and a suburban came up and I was
praying HARD. And it worked! A very pretty mom stopped in
the street and picked him up and took him way far into the
park to the pond. She was blocking traffic but nobody
seemed to mind.

Then the rescue was over and there was no more to see. I
had to get to math class.