2003-09-10 02:02:43 (UTC)

lost little girl.

so we'll try to make a happier entry than this afternoons!!
i am so far thoroughly enjoying this job. i like the
people, they're nice, the manager is really nice and dorky,
so far i think, he reminds me of someone, i dont know
who... crazy girl didnt come back today so maybe she didnt
like it.. theres this one kid who's cool, dorky devry kid,
and this one boy who's beautiful but fake-nice, guy-guy.
but gorgeous. i dont say many guys are that impressive
looking but.

ashleigh's the cutest.. shes all like can i ask you a
personal question? and i got all scared but it was
something else.

i wish i could drive down tomorrow morning and help her
move... but i'll want to stay... and i'll have to be back
for work, and i have a lot of shit to do for school
thursday... so i better not. maybe i'll go down this
weekend or something i dont know.. and i am GOING to the
gym and all that mess.. and i might go look for some new
work clothes, even though i have no money and i seem to
have lost my source of shopping money this afternoon lol...
fuck him. i didnt even WANT to call him this afternoon.
fuck yeah for me. its hard to want to call an asshole when
youre thinking about someone amazing, even if its not the
situation you wanted...

yeah maybe shoppings a bad idea even
though i have no clothes... plus i'd want to go to urban
outfitters and then i couldnt stop my self from going into
bloomingdales and i dont want to be, yknow... THAT girl.
crazy wack job stalker girl.

i got out of work early, and i get to sleep in tomorrow,
hell yeah.

my god. my mothers like "wheres matt".... "Dont
care" "what did YOU do now" YOU YOU YOU... i tell
her... "you shouldnt pick fights with him like that."
yes. well. fuck you too. im glad everyone thinks i
deserve this. maybe i do. he always says no one could
love me more than he does or treat me better so. nevermind

i better go try to take care of some school work, before
she comes on and i lose track of time and then go nuts on
myself and end up crying myself to sleep with nevermind.
not tonight. i'm going to be good!!! i'm sure i'll write
more in a bit.