The void
2003-09-09 21:04:29 (UTC)

no man is worth ur tears, and the one that is wont make u cry

i just don't know what to do.he's not ok, i can tell that.
but he's not talking to me. just the occasional one worded
answer to a stupid question of mine. what is going on?why
won't he talk to me? i'm beginning to think iv'e done
something wrong. i could tell tonight would have been ok if
i'd have kept the weekends business to myself and told him
later. he's probably pissed coz i can't see him on
saturday.for fucks sake i'm so stupid, i can't make him
happy ,he's just miserable.wheres my magic wand that makes
everything ok when i need it?!*poof*
u'd think if it IS something else that he'd talk to me
about it. if he don't wanna talk to his mum he's not really
got ne1 else.perhaps i should stop dishing out advice...and
just listen. or perhaps i should ...erm...i don't know
whatever i seem to do it somehow gets worse!i'm so
confused.right now i'm just going to tell him i'm back and
wait for HIM to say something, i've had enough of trying
i'm making things worse.
toodle pip