The void
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2003-09-09 20:51:39 (UTC)


so, now things have started to calm down.meaning me. but
tonight for some reason i still feel a bit..pissed off. at
nothing. prob just womens stuff.
i realised the silver ravenwolf is on AOL. iv'e added her
screen name to my buddy list, but i don't really know why.
what the hell am i going to say to her?! "hi..erm..your
famous, talk to me!" i do not think so! i'll just have to
casually start a conversation a pretend i don't know who
she is or something.
'Mr x'has been worrying me lately, with his SI urges
and 'fucked up thoughts' as he puts it. I have them too so
i know how he feels, it just seems to me that he's not too
good at accepting the fact he's never going
to see 'mr Z' again.not easy to accept but then again i
never said it was.the bottom line is he has no choice. I
just wish he'd realise that and get on with his life. On a
Lighter note, i found a good spell i might try. it's a
beauty spell that brings your inner beauty to the outside,
making you more confident and outgoing. Sounds good right?
i have to find out all the astrological correspondences
first before i try it..don't want it to reverse on me now
do i! before i do that i need to try a happiness spell or a
motivation spell or something of that sort, i need to buck
up my ideas now i'm going back to college,otherwise my
negative attitude is going to destroy me.hold that
thought...tea needed!
P.s 'mr x and mr z' are not the peoples real