2003-09-09 19:56:19 (UTC)

Unexpected Trip

I made an unexpected trip to Junction City this morning as
my washer is no longer working and I had to use the
laundromat. I also did my grocery shopping. Neilson's can
come and fix it but not until Friday afternoon. I could
tell it wasn't going to be today when the secretary said
"Hold on while I check the board for a date". They may be
able to come on Thursday; they said they'd call if they
could come out then.

This is why I listed my dryer as something I'm grateful for
today. At least it's working.

It's cooler today and I have a cold and an earache. This
means I'm not going to choir practice tonight. I didn't go
to church on Sunday either for the same reason. Karen
e-mailed me to ask me how I was and I e-mailed her back.
She and Carol are going to take the food handler's class in
Albany on October 1st and invited me to come along. I said
great, baring unforeseen circumstances. You know, like
being sick. I may combine the next trip to the laundromat
with a doctor's visit if my ear isn't better by then.