The Boy Looked At Johnny
2003-09-09 17:46:15 (UTC)

September 9, 2003. Afternoon.

Hello in there.

So it's another "sorry I haven't written for so long"
entries, I suppose. This looks like the longest hiatus
yet...April to September, which beats my January to April
2002 blackout, I think.

I'm tempted to say it's because "nothing is happening," but
that would be a little disingenuous. The lack of any
entries has more to do with my not being in close proximity
to a computer for the summer than anything. Granted, not a
whole lot was going on, but I'm sure I can think of a few
things for you.

Let's do a recap, then.


Well, let's see. Of course Kelly moved in, as I mentioned
before. In fact, as little after I disappeared from these
pages, she began dating Joel, who she met, ironically, at
that party we threw when she first moved in. They've been
dating ever since. At first, I was deathly concerned about
this: I was prophesying something like the great April-
Katie-Andy triangle of so many years ago, a doomed
relationship that would explode with great violence and
leave ruined relationships and a legacy of socially awkward
situations in its wake. Several months on, obviously, this
is not the case. They have a steady, seemingly no-frills
relationship that does not seem to lend itself to high-wire
drama. Which is fine. Actually, the most notable thing here
is the fact that Kelly spends nearly EVERY night at Joel's.
Literally...I see her maybe once a week. It's a lot like
living alone, except half the rent gets paid, and there's
more furniture around. It's very curious. So that's the
situation there. This may change shortly: Joel is moving
out of the Birchwood house, and down to a studio in
Bernheim forest, about 30 minutes south of here. I
understand that Joel will be spending some weekends with
us, and Kelly will be around a lot more. Which is fine,
too. The only problem herein, in fact, is that that fucking
dog Eliahu will be in tow. God, how I hate that slobbering,
stupid, oversized noisy beast. Even Gawain at his worst was
Lassy compared to that black, snarling creature.

Oh well.

What else? JESSY. Obviously, this situation has changed
completely. Jessy is enrolled at UK, in Lexington...we see
each other about once a week, for anywhere from overnight
to a few days. I am utterly amazed that the move down
didn't completely destroy our relationship...goodness, was
it stressful and catastrophe-ridden! And expensive! We
packed up all her earthly possessions into a UHaul hithced
to my station wagon (which I got after the Corrolla finally
up and died...did I tell you?). Then we pulled the UHaul
from Philly to Lexington, and unpacked everything into
storage. 50 miles an hour the whole way down! It took three
days. The chains came loose and we had to stop and get AAA
to fix it. We tried to tie her mattress to the top of the
car, and we only got about 20 miles outside Philly because
it was shearing so badly. So we had to drive it back and
keep it with her roomie Cara. Horror! Regardless, it's
levelled out. But wow, sometimes it's so surprising how far
things have gone between us. I never really know what to
say about me and Jessy: nothing ever seems certain.

And what else? The Red Nails? Eh. Not that exciting...not
one for the ages, like Blowup seemed sometimes. Fun,
though. And I love Becca.

School? Eh again. Again, not for the's a very
conservative painting department, you understand. The work
I'm doing now is alright, but not completely satisfying.
I've been writing down lots of solid ideas and observations
from looking at other aryists, though -- Wayne Thiebaud,
Jim Dine, Richard Diebenkorn, R.B. Kitaj, Mike Kelley.

So that's that. More to follow, as always.